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Joint funeral plans for you and your partner

Joint funeral plans for couples

Joint funeral plans for couples are one of the most popular types of pre-paid funeral plans in the UK today. One of the reasons why this type of funeral cover is favoured by couples is that the bereaved partner is saved the responsibility of planning their partner's funeral, regardless of who passes away first.

What is a joint funeral plan?

A joint funeral plan helps with the payment of a funeral when one of the couple passes away. It differs from a standard funeral plan as it allows for two people to be named as the policy holders.

These plans are often opened by married couples, but can be taken out by any two people wanting to open a joint plan.

Are joint funeral plans cheaper than two individual funeral plans?

Joint funeral plans for couples are considerably cheaper than two standard policies. However, the difference in cost reflects the number of funerals that each option pays for. Joint funeral plans will only pay out for one person’s funeral, and this is almost always the first plan holder that passes away.

If you are looking to open a funeral policy to cover the cost of both your funeral and your partner’s funeral, opening two standard accounts is the best option for you.

How many people can pay into a joint funeral plan?

In most cases, joint funeral plans only allow for one person, known as the plan purchaser, to pay into an account. If you and your partner both wish to contribute towards the plan, you will need to choose one of you to act as the plan purchaser and channel the money through them.

How do you open a joint funeral plan?

Opening a joint funeral plan for you and your partner is a similar process to taking out other types of funeral cover. A joint policy needs the details of one plan purchaser and two plan holders.

If you are opening a plan for you and your partner, your details should be entered in the plan purchaser field and alongside your partner’s details in the plan holder fields.

A joint funeral plan for a couple can be opened online, over the phone or in person at a provider’s local branch.

What details do you need to provide?

As the plan purchaser and a plan holder, you will need to provide your personal details, including your name, date of birth, address and contact details, and your payment details.

The other plan holder will only need to provide their date of birth, address and contact details. In most cases, plan holders do not need to have a health check or provide any medical records.

To find out more, visit our pre-paid funeral plans page to compare funeral plans in the UK and get a free, no-obligation quote.