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What Shall I Send? The Most Popular Sympathy Flowers

If you’re thinking of sending sympathy flowers to someone, you may be wondering about the type of flowers that are most popular – and why.

If you’re sending sympathy flowers to someone via a funeral director it may be helpful to know which blooms that are pick of the bunch.

Cheaper funeral flower options

Funeral flowers can be expensive so if you’re on a budget and looking for cheap funeral flowers – take inspiration from the most popular varieties and source from supermarkets, markets – or even the garden, to make up your own bespoke bouquet or tribute.

Many shop bought flowers can cost from a just a few pounds for a single red rose for a funeral to around £20 for a ready-made bouquet. With a little imagination, your own bespoke trimmings and handwritten message card, you can turn cheaper funeral flowers into a sympathy gesture that’s incredibly thoughtful.

Artificial flowers can also be bought in single stems from shops and places like garden centres, to make up your own tribute. Silk funeral flowers placed on a grave will last far longer than a fresh bouquet before they eventually fade.

You can read more about different types of funeral flower tributes, bouquet, displays and where and when to send them, in this helpful guide to funeral flower etiquette.

What do funeral flowers mean?

Some blooms are very typically associated with the funeral, while others were once also used as a way convey messages from the heart. If you’d like to know more about what funeral flowers traditionally mean, explore our guide to the beautiful Victorian language of funeral flowers or read on, to discover the modern meanings associated with today’s most popular funeral flowers.

Sympathy bouquets are sent to say “I’m thinking of you.” If you’d prefer to send an alternative to flowers, you may be inspired by our guide to alternative sympathy gifts.

Popular sympathy flowers and their meaning


popular funeral  flowers rose

Roses are one of the top flowers for funerals, often used halfway unfurling from bud, in a wreath.

White roses for a funeral, arranged with soft fronds of green foliage are enduringly popular, while deep red roses – often associated with romance – have also symbolised mourning and remembrance, since Victorian times.


popular funeral flowers lilies

White funeral lilies represent innocence, purity and, often associated with angels too, are one of the most enduringly popular flowers. Stargazer lilies are often the centrepiece of a coffin spray.


popular funeral flowers liliesPicture: Sophie Dale on Unsplash

A popular funeral flower, the pink alstroemeria is also known as the Peruvian lily and is one of the best flower choice for a sympathy bouquet that will last. These blooms are unscented, so consider freesias, lily of the valley or tuberose, to add perfume to a floral tribute.


popular funeral flowers mums

White chrysanthemums, or mums, symbolise lamentation and mourning in the Far East, while in parts of Europe they are closely associated as remembrance flowers and symbol of love.

Chrysanthemums are one of the longest-lasting cut flowers, which makes them ideal for a funeral wreath or tribute. The choice of bright colours also makes them a key part of a more contemporary arrangement or creative floral tribute.


popular funeral flowers gladioli

Often included with alstroemeria in a contemporary sympathy flower bouquet, the gladiolus has become an increasingly popular modern funeral flower choice.

Available in striking colours, long stems of gladioli can also make a bold, yet simple coffin spray, with the addition of elegantly-arranged foliage. It’s a flower associated with strength – the name comes from the Latin for sword.


popular funeral flowers carnation

Traditionally sweet scented, Carnations are long associated with funerals and are a versatile flower to arrange. Carnations are an expression of love, while pink carnations symbolise “I will never forget you.”


popular funeral flowers stocks

Stocks, or gillyflowers, add scent and soft colours of many hues to a sympathy bouquet. Traditionally, this funeral flower is a tribute to a long and contented life.

Gerbera popular funeral flowers gerberaPicture: Andrew Small on Unsplash

With their daisy-like flowers, gerbera are a vivid contemporary choice of funeral flower, adding a splash of vibrant colour to a sympathy flowers or wreath.

Gypsophila popular funeral flowers gypsophila Picture: Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

Gypsophila, or baby’s breath, adds depth to a funeral flower arrangement. With tiny white flowers on a cloud of green foliage, this flower is now also often used as focal point in contemporary and creative tributes for caskets and coffins.

Orchids popular funeral flowers orchidPicture: Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

An elegant flower choice for an understated coffin spray, orchids represent, grace, beauty and strength.

– If you are thinking about a living floral tribute to plant in someone’s memory, these beautiful remembrance roses may inspire you.