Paul Lee Husbands (11 Apr 1980 - 11 Apr 2017)

Funeral Service

Lawnswood Crematorium Otley Road Leeds LS16 6AH
17th May 2017
Funeral Director
Gooding Funeral Services

Funeral Reception

Sheepscar ClubSavile DriveLeedsLS7 3EJ
17th May 2017

In loving memory of Paul Lee Husbands who sadly passed away on 11th April 2017. Beloved partner, father and a dear friend to many. Paul will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

To hear your voice, to see you smile,
To sit and talk to you a while,
To be together in the same old way,
Would be my dearest wish today.

From your loving family xx

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Danielle, Jacob, isaak Sapherson wrote

A poem for those Paul left behind.

Don't cry for me today,
I wouldn't want it this way.
Be strong and smile,
for you will see me in a while.
I know you miss me,
but now in Heaven I will be.
Do not keep your sad face,
I am in a much better place.
Do not let your tears fall,
for I cannot wipe them all.
Yes, my life wasn't long.
But I'm begging you to be strong.
Live every moment as if it were your last,
I won't forget any memories that have passed.
Cherish life and love as I watch you from above.
As I remember all of the good things,
I come to see I have gotten my wings.
It is time to go and fly,
as your guardian angel I will try.
Don't cry for me today,
I'm on my way.
Soaring through the sky,
I watch all of you telling me goodbye

Always Paul xx

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  • bye dad I will allways love you xx

    Posted by Jacques on 9/10/2017 Report abuse
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  • Rosie, I never met Paul, but can see such a handsome young man from this photo you have placed here. Sending you a hug - Elaine xxx

    Posted by Elaine on 22/05/2017 Report abuse
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