Bruce Wiseman (28 Apr 1972 - 16 Aug 2017)

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Warriston Crematorium Cloister Chapel 36 Warriston Road Edinburgh EH7 4HW
1st Sep 2017
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Bruce Wiseman

The Bruce we knew and loved deeply.

Born on 28th April 1972 to Agnes and Alec, proud parents who had started a new life in Kidderminster together, moving south from Nairn, Scotland.

Kidderminster was Bruce’s first home. As a baby, Bruce was a bright and lively boy, starting to show the unique and unbridled energy which would later become his trademark. Three hours sleep is all he needed to re-charge his batteries as a baby and toddler. Kidderminster was a happy place, with frequent visits from doting grandparents Mary, Peggy and Lewis (snr).

The family then moved to Flint, in North Wales. Bruce’s dad was an engineer who worked in the paper mills. In the 70s this inevitably meant moving to follow the work. After a couple of years in Flint, the family were on the move again, this time to Rochdale. Bruce was intelligent and bright and made his way through the school years. Going to Littleborough primary school, where his unique brand of boisterousness tore up the playground, then to Wardle secondary school. At every turn, even then, Bruce was a force, a whirlwind.

As a young boy, Bruce was a keen mini rugby player. When his team won the U/9s Glengarth Sevens medal at Selby, they were called the 'Mighty Minis' in the press. Many of that team were still in touch with Bruce, so the Rochdalians played a big part in his life.

When Bruce was seven, the Wiseman family become four, following the birth Kirsty. For Bruce, this meant the perfect role of big brother and protector. A fierce brother sister bond was made that will last a lifetime, saving him on more than one occasion, later in life. The school years that followed were full of fun, friendship, chaos and laughter. Bruce made many life-long friends.

When his parents separated, Bruce moved first to Derry Hill, in Wiltshire and then to North Berwick with his mother and sister. He held many jobs and Scotland became his home for the next 20 years.

During that time, Bruce ventured away to work. One of those times he went to work in a Scottish theme bar in Copenhagen then he took the train to London to audition to become a crew member of a Carnival Cruise Lines in the Caribbean. He got the job and took the trip to America. In typical Bruce fashion, he phoned his mother six weeks later to say he was getting married the next day. Bruce met and married Erika and upon leaving the ship, three amazing children followed; Bradley, Lewis and Evelyn. During this time, Bruce worked as a postman and for some time lived happily in Edinburgh, until they separated.

Bruce lost his way. Personal demons, that would eventually take his life, took hold and separated him from his family. His mum and sister battled alongside him for many years to help him. Nothing could prepare Bruce or both families for the years that came.

Bruce then met Michaela and with a common grief, they set up home in Prestonpans. Two gorgeous girls, Brodie and Blair were born and Bruce became a father again. He was reunited with his twins, Lewis and Evie, now both young adults and life held promise. Bruce and Michaela separated in 2016 and he moved to Haddington.

Bruce passed away silently and unbeknown to everyone in August 2017 in Haddington.

Remember him at his best: A much loved son, father, brother, grandson, husband, partner, nephew, cousin, colleague and a friend to many.

Bruce was at heart, a good person; He will be at peace now. His struggle is over and for many he will never be forgotten.

We love you xxx

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Kirsty Wiseman-Gregg posted a picture

Me and my girls on my big day.. missed you brother xxx

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Graham Burke wrote

Bruce was tough, fearless as a kid, i know because i was part of the mighty minis rugby team, the team all attended his 10th birthday party dressed as girls(I'll find the photo) which at the time was hilarious. His father Alec and my dad were good friends until he moved on and i know he was saddened by this news. Although we hadn't seen each other for 30 odd years i too am saddened by this and pass on my sincerest condolences to all of your family.R.I.P friend and team mate Bruce rest easy my old pal.

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  • i have the photo !!!

    Posted by Kirsty on 2/09/2017 Report abuse
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Michelle Campbell lit a candle
Michelle Campbell wrote

I am so sorry I am not able to come today to say goodbye but know that you will be on my mind. I met you a few times and every time you made me laugh until I nearly wet myself! I will remember you and smile Bruce and every time I make Kirsty flare her nostrils it will make you smile I know. I hope you find the peace you were looking for. Love Michelle xx

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James Lynch wrote

Goodbye my auld mucker .

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Alison Collinge wrote

Rest in peace Bruce x

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Dorian McILROY lit a candle
Dorian McILROY wrote

I think we met only once, a long time ago as kids when you were in Rochdale and I am very sad that we will now never meet again to have a drink or to watch a rugby match. Your passing was far too soon, my cousin - I'm sure you had so much more to get out of life.
My thoughts are with Agnes, Kirsty and your children.

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Tara McIlroy wrote

Rest in peace Bruce, my cousin. We never met but I can get a sense of your life lived with energy. The messages and memories everyone has written are a reminder of happier times. Thinking of you Agnes, Kirsty and all the family,


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Vic Guthrie wrote

Bruce, all my memories of you are filled with fun! I think the first time we met we knew we'd get on like a house on fire and we most definitely had lots in common. Perhaps the thing we shared most was our love for Kirsty and our love for winding her up - you had a skill for that which I will never master but I promise I'll try.

I don't know if I ever said thanks to you for your messages while I was travelling - they really meant a lot and were a happy reminder from home so thanks for being there.

You'll be missed bud and I really hope you've found peace. You'll never be forgotten. Xx

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Allison and Ryan Bromfield wrote

Well Bruce..
Kirsty and I have been talking.. Well.. I am the good one, the one that laughed and cried over the phone, the one that had your back but wouldn't ask me for anything but only company and a friend on the other end of the phone.
I'm so missing our chats where we just talked and talked about our day week and sometimes our month of what we've been upto.
We would laugh over our memories from growing up and you always had my back !!
You would say if only we was 30 years old you would find me lol..
My thoughts of you are always happy ones !!

Going to miss you so much my friend..
Hope you visit from time to time, leave a sign but has to be a good one ;) xx xx

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Mum Kane wrote

Thank you all for your tributes. Wonder if Bruce knew how loved he was ? He sure does now......
If you are coming on Friday please wear something bright. We are going to celebrate knowing such an extraordinary human being.

I wasn't ready to say goodbye but we have to wish him well on his next great adventure.
Forever in my heart ........

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James Gregg wrote

So my lasting memory of Bruce Wiseman would have to be the first time we met.

I had probably only been seeing your sister Kirsty for a couple of weeks, so very much in the "Honeymoon period". When one morning in Kirstys caravan (where we worked at Parkdean together). I woke to the sound of your footsteps bounding towards her room where you planned to jump on her to wake her as you always did.
So I hid under the covers while Kirsty waved frantically to tell you not to do it and made suggestions that she had company. At that point I peered up from under the duvet and said "Alright ?".
I was met with that GLARE!!! Anyone who knows you well knows the glare I'm on about. Frightening!!!
Only other person to glare at me like that was your Father.

But after that initial encounter we got on great. You were a great help when Kirsty and I bought our first house and would do anything for us.

One thing I wont miss about you is your ability to clear a room with your Farts!!! Rotten!!! But I'm beginning to learn it must be a WISEMAN trait.

I'll try and look after Kirsty for you, The way you always did.

Rest Easy


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  • Your not joking i spent 8 hours a day in a van with bruce and I can honestly say he was the no 1 smelly farter lol .

    Posted by James on 31/08/2017 Report abuse
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Lel Ritchie wrote

Mischief in your eyes Bruce always there, Liz and I would be laughing before we got to your house remembering the nonsense from last visit. I didn't know you all that well but you certainly entertained me with your nonsense stories and your occasional Facebook 'Poke' I won't say much more beyond eh handcuffs!?! the world is a little duller with out you in it but rest easy Bruce....poke?? Poke?? Poke??

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Patricia Cowan is attending the funeral
Erika wrote

Bruce.. 22 years ago you stole my heart when we married after going out only 6 weeks. Yes, we were crazy.. met on that plane 1 June and married 31 July! They said it wouldn't last a year.. I wanted to live South and you wanted North so we made a deal that whoever got the first job is where we would settle... so Edinburgh is was after I got the job and you won the bet! 8 years and 3 children later we went our separate ways...

The hurt and anger was still there when we lost Bradley...

A few years later when Lewis was on tour in Newcastle with his rugby team you came and watched him play.. don't know if he was showing off in the usual wiseman fashion or if you gave him a mars bar before he went on like your dad did to you but he played a great game! We even managed a conversation, it was hard at first but it was as if all the hurting was being put to rest. We talked about your new family and I talked about mine... My only regret that day is not taking any photos of you with the twinnies.

I know you will understand why Evelyn and Lewis won't be there and you definitely got the "last touch" ?

I hope you've finally found your peace Bruce, and you are back with Bradley.. give him the biggest hug and a big sloppy kiss from me.... xxx

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  • Thanks Erika XXXX

    Posted by Mum on 30/08/2017 Report abuse
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