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Browse 50 famous grave sites of the most important thinkers, artists and leaders in Britain, all laid to rest around the UK.

About the Famous Graves Finder

Some people are destined to make their mark on the world and be remembered long after death. Explore these 50 famous graves, the final resting places of the late and the great. Including some of the most famous Brits of all time as well as celebrated international figures, each grave has its own story to tell and a piece of history to share. Whether you’re a history-lover or simply want to pay your respects, you can find interesting historical gravesites across the length and breadth of Britain.

It’s not just famous historical figures that have interesting graves either. Some of the most fascinating graves are the final resting places of characters from folklore, myth and legend. Or, if you want to explore famous burial sites overseas, you can check out 10 celebrity graves, taking you round the world to some of the most visited celebrity memorials and tombs.

The world is full of beautiful famous cemeteries, which prove that graveyards don’t have to be gloomy. From the peaceful mountain forests of Japan to the stormy cliffs of Yorkshire, these cemeteries are fantastic places to visit in their own right, and provide places of beauty and peace for those who have died.

Who have we missed?

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