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Alison Williams 2018-04-15 09:42:54

This company were wonderful to deal with at such a distressing time.  Mrs. ODriscoll took time to explain the different prices and types of funerals or cremation. (I didn’t realise there were so many options).  As a family we opted for a basic cremation, this did not seem to impact on the customer service that we were provided.  Mrs O’Driscoll has explained that we can go through her to arrange a prepaid funeral. This is most definitely something that I shall be looking into as the cost of even a basic funeral is not something we as a family had budgeted for.  Once again, I would like to thank Mrs. O’Driscoll and Daughters for their time, understanding and help during a very difficult time. 

Rachel Powell 2018-04-13 14:53:35

Over the years Gemma has undertaken a number of our family funerals. Gemma's warmth and approach is not only of the highest professional level, but she is exceptionally caring and compassionate.  She will always do anything to help within this sad time and is always very happy to go the extra mile to help.  She has a fountain of knowledge and nothing is ever too much for her, and not only provides help and support leading up to the funeral, but demonstrates exemplary after care too.  I thoroughly recommend O'Driscoll and Daughter's and I would never go anywhere else when in need of such service.  Thank you Gemma for everything you do.

Alexandra Bourne 2018-03-26 21:17:57

I want to begin, this review with a thank you for Mrs O’Driscoll for all her help. My Uncle sadly passed away last month, and being his next of kin, I found myself with the overwhelming task of planning a funeral for a man I loved dearly since childhood, but who lived in a different country to myself. Having only visited the Llanelli area on family holidays and for special occasions, I had absolutely no idea where to start with the arranging for a church service, ordering flowers and preparing a wake as a celebration of my Unclea life.  Nothing was to much trouble for Mrs. O’Driscoll. She liaised with the church and vicar to arrange the service, not minding when I suddenly had inspiration at 3am for a hymn that I remembered John singing to me as a child. (I cannot promise she will be up to answer all emails st this time, but she did mine.).She sent me information on caskets and coffins, with no pressure as to what to choose, the decision was entirely mine.( I have arranged a funeral closer to home, previously where the undertaker pressured me into a more expensive coffin choice, than I could really afford, so it was delightful that Mrs O’Driscoll, did not do this.)  She sent me information on various florists, so I was able to choose flowers with in my price range, pointed me in the right direction of caterers for the wake and even sent me information on the hotels in the nearby area that I could stay in the night before and the night of the funeral.  When I met Mrs. ODriscoll the morning of the funeral (I never arrived in Llanelli until late the night before), I found her to be sympathetic, professional and compassionate of my situation. (I apologise once again for my dithering and rambling, but I was not coping well at all with my grief.)  The service ran smoothly, it was beautiful to say the least, the cars were on time and delivered us to and from the funeral without any problems, the flowers were lovely and the order of service is something I will treasure always.  I can not recommend this funeral director enough and on a final note, in comparison to other quotes I received, she was a lot more reasonable, and with the service she provided, I would have expected to pay a lot more.  If you are in a position that you are reading this review, you have my sympathy, but please rest assured with G.E. O’Driscoll and Daughters you will find the mind boggling planning of a funeral and wake is a lot less painful than you might expect it to be.?