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Zoe Conway 2018-07-20 16:38:42

Lucy provided an excellent service and helped immensely with planning a funeral that felt personal and meaningful. From us initially phoning her and explaining we had no idea what we wanted or what we needed to think about, she made the process seem much less daunting as she broke it down step by step. With each stage she explained what the options were, and we never got the impression she was trying to sell us extras that we didn't want- she was honestly listening to what we felt was the right thing. She was friendly and approachable throughout the process.

Ray Worth 2018-06-26 11:06:11

Incredibly good old-fashioned & honest service. Nothing was to much trouble, & everything was 'up front' & honest with no needless or hidden 'extras'....prices are VERY fair & reasonable. Highly recommended company.

Janet Parker 2018-05-11 22:42:36

It is now exactly a year today since my husband's funeral and still family and friends comment on what a wonderful celebration and reflection of his life and him it was. Barbara and Aaron were particularly involved in ensuring a unique, personal and memorable occasion was held. They helped me incorporate all that my husband had requested regardless of how unusual the requests might be. Their approach felt supportive and personal to me hitting just the right tone.

Helene Duke 2017-11-29 11:07:51

Lucy and her team are very professional and friendly, they make sure you have all the information you need to help plain the funeral, they are very good at making sure the funeral is bespoke to your love one that has passed. My granddads funeral was not easy and very unusual, but Lucy was very supportive and dedicated to making sure the funeral went to plan. Thank you so much lucy and her team.

Greg Birdseye 2017-11-21 18:11:05

Lucy was perfect. Just the right balance of compassion and straightforward practicality. Thankyou. Greg Birdseye