Bereavement Support and Grief Counselling Organisations

Contact information for organisations offering bereavement support and grief counselling

Last updated: 23 January 2019

General support

Cruse Bereavement Care

Offering grief support and information for anyone who has lost a loved one.


Helpline: 0808 808 1677


Free, confidential helpline for anyone going through tough times.


Helpline: 116 123

Support for children and families

Anna Freud National Centre for Children & Families

A UK-wide support centre for bereaved children and families, particularly focusing on traumatic stress intervention.


Tel: 020 7794 2313

Barnardo’s Child Bereavement

Charity dedicated to the support of bereaved children and young people, based in Northern Ireland but offering support via telephone and email across the UK.


Helpline: 028 9066 8333

Child Bereavement UK

Supporting children who are coping with bereavement, as well as families facing the death of a child. Help and advice available by telephone or via regional support services.


Helpline: 0800 0288840

Child Bereavement Network

Providing bereaved children with resources, information support, and links to face-to-face grief counselling services provided by its member organisations.


Helpline: 020 7843 6309

Edwards Trust

Based in Birmingham and providing holistic bereavement and pre-bereavement support to children and young people who have lost a parent, carer or sibling and to parents who have lost a child.

Looking after communities across the West Midlands, this charity provides counselling, complementary wellbeing therapies, retreats and peer to peer support


Grief Encounter

Free support and grief counselling services available to bereaved children and their families.


Helpline: 020 8371 8455

Hope Again

A website for young people from Cruse Bereavement Care providing young people with a platform to share stories and find ways to cope with grief.


Helpline: 0808 808 1677

The Loss Foundation

A charity which provides online advice and free face-to-face support groups in London and Oxford to people who have lost a loved one to cancer. It also organises ticketed events including retreats, throughout the year.


Scotty’s Little Soldiers

A military charity dedicated to supporting children who have lost a parent in the Armed Forces


Helpline: 0800 092 8571

Simon Says

Grief support and information to help children and families in Hampshire rebuild their lives after losing someone close to them.


Tel: 023 8064 7550

Winston’s Wish

This child bereavement charity supporting children and families after the death of a parent, sibling or carer.


Helpline: 08088 020 021

Support following the loss of a partner

The Jolly Dollies

A nationwide social network started by widows for widows, with local groups around the country holding get-togethers to forge new friendships and re-establish a fulfilling social life after bereavement.


The WAY Foundation (Widowed and Young)

A community support network with regional groups for men and women aged 51 and under who are widowed or lose their life-partner.


Way Up

An online social network with local peer-to-peer support groups for those who are widowed, or lose their life partner in their 50s and 60s.


Support following the loss of a child

A Child of Mine

Supporting bereaved parents to cope with the loss of a baby or child and advocating for improved bereavement care for parents and families who have lost a child.


Compassionate Friends

A bereavement charity dedicated to supporting parents, siblings and grandparents after the loss of a child, no matter how long ago.


Helpline: 0345 123 2304

The Rainbow Trust

Supports families caring for a child with a life threatening or terminal illness, and also provides parents and families much-needed bereavement support for as long as they need it.


The Child Death Helpline

This grief helpline supports anyone who has lost a child.


Helpline: 0800 282 986

The Last Kiss Foundation

This charity provides hospitals with equipment that enables bereaved families to spend precious time with a baby who has died. It’s also there with emotional support for parents.


Tel: 078 1466 0742 (Sharon)

The Rosie Crane Trust

Telephone-based peer-to-peer support for bereaved parents, with drop-in centres in Somerset, North Dorset and North Devon.


Helpline: 01460 55120

Daddys with Angels

Provides free online advice and support for families following the loss of a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth, or a child who dies at at any stage in their life. The charity’s primary focus is on supporting male family members, but it also supports other family members too, with a network of Facebook-based support groups in counties across the UK.


Support following miscarriage, stillbirth or SIDS

Abigail’s Footsteps

A charity helping families cope better after losing a child through stillbirth, also providing bereavement training to healthcare professions.


Helpline: 0163 4225 145

Aching Arms

A baby loss charity, run by a group of bereaved mums, providing help and support after the devastation of losing a baby, as well as Aching Arms teddy bears to hospitals for midwives to give out.


Helpline: 07876 504042.

Life After Loss

A support organisation, based in Northern Ireland but offering support via telephone and email across the UK. Providing information and friendship to parents who have experienced the loss of a baby at any stage of pregnancy or early life.


Helpline: 0289 2605 578


A charity that delivers free counselling to parents who are suffering grief and trauma following the loss of their child during pregnancy or birth.


Helpline: 0300 688 0068

The Lily Mae Foundation

Provides counselling support and memory boxes to parents via hospitals in the Midlands and Northern Ireland who have lost a baby to stillbirth, as well as training and support to midwives, student midwives and neonatal nurses.


The Lullaby Trust

The Lullaby Trust offers a helpline, support and peer-to-peer networks for anyone affected by the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or young child. It is also provides advice to promote safer sleep and backs research into preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


Helpline: 0808 802 6868

The Mariposa Trust

Also known as Saying Goodbye, The Mariposa Trust supports anyone who has suffered the loss of a baby, at any stage of pregnancy, birth or infancy, by providing remembrance services at cathedrals and minsters.


The Miscarriage Association

Providing information and support to anyone affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy, through support groups and a telephone helpline.


Helpline: 01924 200 799

The Stillbirth and Neonatal Society (SANDS)

Operating throughout the UK, SANDS helps family, friends and healthcare professionals affected by the loss of a baby, with a dedicated helpline, memory boxes and support packs.


Helpline: 020 7436 5881


An organisation that funds research into miscarriage and stillbirth, offering a dedicated PregnancyLine and practical support for bereaved parents.


Helpline:020 7398 3400

Support following suicide

Alliance of Hope for Suicide Loss Survivors

An online forum for people coping with the grief of losing a loved one to suicide.


Suicide Bereaved Network

A peer-to-peer network providing online support for people who have been bereaved through suicide. Regular face-to-face meetings are also held in London, with the aim of also establishing local support groups like this nationally.


Contact line: 0300 999 0003

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBS)

Supports people over 18 years of age who have been bereaved by suicide, with a helpline, local support groups and other bereavement resources.


Helpline: 0300 111 5065

Facing the Future

A service developed by Samaritans and Cruse Bereavement Care which gives people an opportunity to reach out and meet other people who have lost a loved one to suicide.


Support for those who are bereaved by alcohol or drugs


A source of information and support, set up by Cruse Bereavement Care, for anyone who has lost a loved one as a result of drug or alcohol abuse.


Other helpful bereavement support charities


A road safety helpline offering grief support to families and individuals who have been bereaved through road accidents.


Helpline: 0808 8000401

Farming Community Network

Offers listening support to bereaved farmers and families within the farming community through loss and difficult times.


Helpline: 03000 111 999

Muslim Bereavement Support Service

Supporting bereaved Muslim women who have lost a loved one, with guidance in accordance with Qur’an and Ahadeeth. The helpline is staffed by female volunteers, offering bereavement support in multiple languages.


Support After Murder and Manslaughter (SAMM)

This charity supports families bereaved by manslaughter or murder with a helpline, bereavement retreats and seminars.


Helpline: 0121 451 1618 or 0845 872 3440

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

A support team dedicated to helping you understand the inquest procedure, investigations and emotional distress caused by Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy.


Bereavement and learning disability

PicTTalk helps people with a learning disability to communicate their feelings – and ask questions – about bereavement, loss and change.

It was developed by Sue Read, Professor of Learning Disability Nursing at Keele University in Staffordshire, working in co-production with people with learning disabilities who helped design the images it features.

Family, friends and carers can use the app with someone who has been bereaved to start a conversation and explore feelings.